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Laneige lashes company is mainly engaged in the wholesale mink eyelashes silk lashes and human hair eyelash. We are one of the best manufacturer for eyelashes in China. We have our own eyelash production line, professional hand-made eyelashes, which can ensure the consistency of eyelashes, and we There are also a lot of fixed customers, because of their trust, we will take our work more and more seriously. If you are interested, want to know more, want to work with us, welcome to contact us.

Laneige Lashes real human hair lashes are made with 100% sterilized human hair that are hand comb and hand trimmed at varying length, and then hand tied into strips to best compliment your eyes. These Real hair eyelashes are carefully designed by our expert technician to offer a glamour and luxurious look. Also, they are the best human hair eyelashes which look like real human hair.

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The lashes are made of the best quality human hair and we only use the raw virgin human hair to ensure the real human hair eyelashes are natural, soft and comfortable enough for the eyes. They are suitable for daily wear and easy to apply and essential for every occasion.

There is no need to worry the embarrassment of false lashes falling off or the too evident difference between the false lashes and real human lashes. Real human hair eyelashes will make your life different.

Please don’t hesitate to get these voluminous, lengthening, crisscross and durable real hair eyelashes. Not only full range of eyelash products, we also provide custom false eyelashes styles service and private label eyelash service to satisfy every consumer.

Human Hair Lashes VS Mink Lashes

Human hair lashes are meant for short-term use. They are more affordable and on average they can last from 5-8 applications with proper care. They are far more comfortable than synthetic lashes. Human hair lash are slightly thicker than mink lashes and have the same thickness throughout due to the way the hair is cut for assemble. Our lashes are handcrafted from 100% sterilized human hair and free from any chemical processing or dyes.

Mink Lashes are derived from the tail of the Mink. They have a naturally tapered tip like any animal fur identical to an actual eyelash shape. Mink Lashes give you a more feathery, fluttery and natural appearance. Our Mink Lashes are sterilized, 100% cruelty free, and free from any chemical processing or dyes. They are able to keep their natural look and softness for up to 25 uses. They have a more richer feel and easier to apply and remove.

No matter which type of lash you use, we offer the highest quality human hair and mink lashes with variety of styles that will fit every look and budget.

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Human Hair Eyelashes Feather

1.Material:Our human hair lashes are made use India hair. The quality of the hair is better, so the quality of the eyelashes is better, the appearance is realistic, and our eyelashes do not pollute the environment, and our eyelashes are sterilized. It doesn’t contain chemical ingredients, it makes us look confident and beautiful.

2.Eyelash Making: Our human eyelashes are handmade, because to ensure the symmetry, beauty,  and perfection of the human hair lashes, one of our workers can only do 15 pairs of eyelashes a day, and the number of eyelashes we make is limited, so It can guarantee that the quality of our eyelashes is no problem. So dear u can order with confidence.waiting can work with u together

3.Improvement:The suppliers of general are chemically treated with a certain amount of chemical material for the shaping process. If you think about it carefully, you will find  some chemical taste for the eyelashes you purchased. And our use of human eyelash is in contact with the skin every day, the skin and chemical potions end up. You should know what will happens, which is very scary.

The human false lashes of our eyelashes are all heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Through temperature control, our human lash have no odor. We can confidently say that only one of us in the world has this technology, we all Have a pictorial certificate,

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Human Hair Lashes Design

Design Concept: Fashion, Nature, Enthusiasm, Confidence

Our Human Hair Lashes are designed by the famous domestic designer Anderson. He is one of the most famous designers in our eyelashes industry. Our designers will meet the needs of the market, the development of the times and the needs of customers to design, each one is designed to be hot-selling, and we also provide customized services.

If you have your own style, you want to order, we also support, our designers will be based on your Ask to design the style you want, or you can send us the design drawings you have, we will directly make your favorite eyelashes according your drawings. So dear, you can rest assured that our designer will give you the best design and service.

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About Human Hair Lashes Packaging

For the packaging of eyelashes, we mainly have two kinds. If you order eyelashes, but don’t want to order the box, don’t worry. If you don’t order the packaging, we will also use a free one outside your eyelashes when transporting the eyelashes. The cover is packaged to ensure that the eyelashes are not pinched or damaged.

Of course, we also provide custom packaging. If you want to order custom packaging boxes on our side, we can have a lot of styles. I will send you our catalog, you can choose the style you like, we You will also design your favorite box for you with your logo.

So don’t worry about dear, we will provide you with the best packaging and the best service.

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Laneige Mink Eyelashes Customer Show


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Why Choose Us

1.OEM is most popular.

2.Our products after 18 process, two disinfection.

3.Professional design department, sales department,

4.We are the fastest delivery supplier in the same industry.

5.Our workers have 10 years of work experience, very skilled.

6.The quality of supply is stable.From human hair processing to product molding, all aspects are completed independently. Stable lead time and product quality.

Contact Us

So dear If you are interested in our eyelashes thought reading the above, or would like to know more, you are welcome to contact us. We will provide you with the best service and look forward to working with you.Welcom to our vendor Wholesale Human Hair Lashes

How To Contact With  Us

Email: laneigelash@gmail.com

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Our Slogan: It Is Really Beautiful When You Look Natural.

Business Concepts: Do Our Best To Meet You Requirements

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