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Laneige Lashes is Wholesale Mink EyeLash Vendors and 25mm mink lashes wholesale Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer from China, exporting professional  Wholesale Mink Lashes and 25mm Lashes and eyelash packaging box to USA , Laneige Lashes has fast delivery, quality products and considerate after-sales service.We have our own mink eyelashes production line, professional manual eyelashes, can ensure the consistency of eyelashes. And the world’s Real Mink Eyelash Vendors, we will continue to design, continuous innovation,laneige Lashes Design:Design Concept: Fashion, Nature, Enthusiasm, Confidence

Laneige Lashes are made from 100% sterile mink lashes . Comb them by hand and trim them at different lengths. Then tie lashes into strips to give your eyes the best look. These real mink lashes are carefully designed by our professional technicians to provide a glamorous and luxurious look. Also, they are the best mink eyelashes.We use only mink hair to ensure that real mink lashes are natural, soft and comfortable enough to satisfy the eye. They are suitable for everyday wear, easy to use and essential for any occasion.

7d mink lashes wholesale

7d mink lashes wholesale

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Laneige lashes provides the best quality mink lashes,Our mink eyelashes are designed by the famous domestic designer Anderson. He is one of the most famous designers in our eyelashes industry. Our designers will meet the needs of the market, the development of the times and the needs of customers to design, each one is designed to be hot-selling.

they are able to keep their natural look and softness for up to 25 usesThere is no need to worry about the  embarrassment caused by  false eyelashes which fall off anytime,  We offer the highest quality  mink eyelash with variety of styles that will fit every look and budget.We have different eyelash styles of 16mm,20mm,22mm and 25mm

16mm mink lashes  more style click here>>>

3d mink eyelashes wholesale

3d mink eyelashes wholesale

22mm mink lashes  more style click here>>>

mink wholesale lashes

22mm mink wholesale lashes

20mm mink lashes  more style click here>>>

20mm mink lashes

20mm mink lashes

25mm mink lashes  more style click here>>>

25mm siberian mink lashes wholesale

25mm siberian mink lashes wholesale

If you have your own style, you want to order, we also support, our designers will be based on your Ask to design the style you want, or you can send us the design drawings you have, we will directly make your favorite eyelashes according your drawings. So dear, you can rest assured that our designer will give you the best design and service.

Eyelash Packaging

For eyelash packaging, we have a lot of styles to choose, we can customize, you can customize the private label manufacturers, we have a professional design team for you to create your brand, and you can also customize the packaging, we are a professional custom eyelash packaging box

Click here to customize eyelash packaging

wholesale custom boxes

 Custom Clear Cases Cheap Eyelash Boxes 

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Private logo custom best-selling eyelash packaging box

eyelash box packaging

Square Custom lash box packaging

  Eyelash Tools

Our eyelash tools are mainly tweezers and glue, our eyelashes and glue can also be customized, customized your own brand


 more color tweezers click here>>>

Eyelash tweezers usa

Customize eyelash tools in different colors

2.eyelash glue

 more style eyelash glue click here>>>

best eyelash glue

Custom eyelash glue

Eyelash Process Of Mink Lashes Wholesale 

1.Material:Our human hair lashes are made use India hair. The quality of the hair is better, so the quality of the eyelashes is better, the appearance is realistic, and our eyelashes do not pollute the environment, and our eyelashes are sterilized. It doesn’t contain chemical ingredients, it makes us look confident and beautiful.

mink lashes wholesale

wholesale mink lashes vendors

2.Eyelash Making: Our human eyelashes are handmade, because to ensure the symmetry, beauty,  and perfection of the mink e, one of our workers can only do 15 pairs of eyelashes a day, and the number of eyelashes we make is limited, so It can guarantee that the quality of our eyelashes is no problem. So dear u can order with confidence.waiting can work with u togethermink eyelash vendors

3d mink lashes wholesale

3.Improvement:The suppliers of general are chemically treated with a certain amount of chemical material for the shaping process. If you think about it carefully, you will find  some chemical taste for the eyelashes you purchased. And our use of human eyelash is in contact with the skin every day, the skin and chemical potions end up. You should know what will happens, which is very scary.

 mink lashes

eyelash vendors usa

The human false lashes of our eyelashes are all heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Through temperature control, our human lash have no odor. We can confidently say that only one of us in the world has this technology, we all Have a pictorial certificate,

Laneige Mink Eyelashes Customer Show


Thanks to our excellent service, we have won the trust of many customers around the world. We will pay more and more attention to our work, continue to engage and welcome more customers to wholesale eyelashes. Please feel free to contact us and we look forward to establishing good business relations with you.


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Why Choose Us


Firstly, Laneige Lashes is a Mink Lash Vendor and manufacturer and distributor. We have our own factories and workers.
We have an advantage in price. We can guarantee the quality of our products. We always choose the best mink eyelashes as raw materials. Once we find that our eyelashes are bad, we throw them away. Immediately, it will not be sold to our customers.

Secondly, we have a lot of stock, delivery speed is very fast, we will send you eyelashes in 48 hours.

Thirdly, we also produce customized eyelash boxes. The minimum order is very low. MOQ only 30!!!!
Other eyelash suppliers, who can do it?

Finally, we have good after-sales service and our qualified team can talk to you 24/7 incase you got a problem.

Contact Us

For more information about our company, Feel free to contact us anytime on contact details below. We will provide you with the best service and look forward to working with you.Welcome to our  minklasheswholesale

How To Contact Us

Email: laneigelash@gmail.com

Feel free to Whatsapp us on +8617616026951or you can click the icon below:

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Our Slogan: It Is Really Beautiful When You Look Natural.

Business Concepts: Do Our Best To Meet You Requirements

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