Achieving Larger Eyelashes!

Achieving Larger Eyelashes 3D Synthetic Lashes!

Humans have a natural tendency to not be happy with the exact way they were created. Whether it’s the color of hair, our height, the shape of the eye that we have, or even the length of eyelashes, we are always manipulating what we have to either change it or enhance it to look different or better in appearance. Perhaps because we usually must look into a mirror many times a day those 3D Synthetic Lashes that surround our eyes often become the target of a plan to grow them longer and thicker. We perceive long healthy eyelashes as a signal of optimal health and a frame for our eyes.
Each person’s eyelashes may look different and not all have naturally 3D Synthetic Lashes. Some people with much lighter complexions also have light eyelashes this light color also causes the lashes to appear thinner than they may actually be. Others have been eyelashes due to constant rubbing or a poor diet. The most common and cost-effective way to change the physical appearance of one’s Synthetic Mink Lashes is to wear mascara. Whether it is a liquid, cream or cake like application, mascara is made of safe, non-toxic preservatives and waxes. Mascara comes in many different colors, with black being the most prevalent. There are some mascaras that even contain glitter or, in a hue of blue. Most are in tubes and are brushed onto the Synthetic Mink Lashes

In the late 1950s and 1960s, false eyelashes became the rage. Most 3D Synthetic Lashes come in preformed strips in varying length and thickness. The strip is cool mood using a special non-toxic cosmetically 02 the top rim of the eyelid. This creates a look of thicker Synthetic Mink Lashes. False eyelashes are a temporary fix; they must be removed after use and when not applied properly, can fall off. Another disadvantage to false eyelashes is that they require gentle removal; otherwise natural eyelashes may be pulled out along with the false eyelash strip.
Eyelash growth serums have become popular recently. When some patients being treated for glaucoma experienced an abnormal – but desirable – amount of lash growth when using medication to treat their condition, researchers found that some of the ingredients in the medication could be used as a serum to be applied on the rim of the eyelid to grow lashes. There are side effects associated with using lash serums which include pairs growing in places outside of the desired eyelid, a brownish “stain” of color around the eye lids, and sometimes allergic reactions may occur. These serums can also get expensive for a user and the results stop after a user discontinues use of the product. In the end, less expensive cosmetic methods may be the best antidote to achieving “larger-than-life” lashes.

Get Hot With Your Summer Makeup

Summer is not just about heat, it is also about healthy glows and sun-kissed skin. Remember that looking hot in the summer needs you to have a no-makeup, fresh appearance coupled with a natural and healthy look with a super 3D Synthetic Lashes of bold and vibrant colors.
Here are some sizzling makeup tips and trends just for the sun:
1. Skin: Your skin has to look smooth, perfect and absolutely flawless this summer. Go for a smart foundation and a tinted moisturizer which offers SPF protection too. Keep this to a minimal level. You can get a continuous finish by blending outward from the nose. Such moisturizers are perfect for any skin type and provide sufficient coverage too. On the other hand, before you dab on any foundation, use a translucent face powder on the entire face. This will help the makeup stick around longer than the sun.
2. Eyes: Sparkle up those eyes with the right brush and the right strokes. Pick sassy purples, mesmerizing greens, playful teals or even bright blues. Steer clear of color catastrophes by using single shades. If you feel a particular shade just goes over the sun, pick bright colored eyeliner and combine with it a normal eye shadow. There is no need to go for black smoky eyes – go for WOW colors! Take care if you are a mascara lover – surely you do not want to be sweating and looking as if you are crying black tears. Choose a water-proof mascara if you are way too addicted to overcome it!

3. Cheeks: Who doesn’t want that svelte facial contour with high cheek bones? Make the best of what you have with soft roses, subtle peaches, sheer pinks and of course delicate apricots. These shades can give you the best of an active, hot and natural look. Start applying them from the temple and sweep up to the hairline. The “sweeping” is important for a youthful appearance.
4. Lips: This season bring out some hot and shiny colors such as ruby red which is undoubtedly the ever-sexy color! If you are not as dramatic as red, switch over to glossy and bright shades such as hot pinks. Use a bit of the translucent face powder on your lips too – this will help keep your lipstick on your lips through the day and night.
5. Other Hotties: Remember that metallic eye shadows never die away; there is always the choice of silver, bronze, mauve and gold. Add volume to your eyes with easy to use apply-at-home false eyelashes; they can do wonders. Lastly, don’t forget to color those nails: go for the season’s hot colors such as pinks and purples. A neon explosion is surely what you want to have this summer!