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Why do you use Laneige eyelashes for eyelash business?

Why do you use Laneige eyelashes for eyelash business?

Laneige Eyelashes is a comprehensive mink eyelashes wholesale company, with its own design team, its own factory and its own international trade department! They keep learning and improving aesthetics! In order to provide new business opportunities,Laneige 3D mink eyelashes always keep pace with the trend of the times, regularly update products for customers!
Another mink eyelash merchant in the market is blindly copying after our new design. They don’t know or design independently. They only copy and have no novelty. Because their eyelash design lags behind, they can’t bring business opportunities to customers in the first time and miss valuable business opportunities.
In the Internet age, winners will get everything, time is money, backward products will lead to missed market opportunities.
In the era of highly developed living standards, good products can bring different feelings to customers, and will soon attract a large number of customers, and quickly open up the market!
LANEIGE eyelashes are based on this concept, constantly innovating mink eyelashes!
LANEIGE mink lashes are 100% hand-made. In pursuit of nature, mink eyelashes are processed with high technology. Every mink’s eyelashes are soft and sharp, with no shiny hair. It is natural, elegant and spiritual. LANEIGE 3D mink eyelashes are clean and soft without glue overflow. The unique bonding technology ensures that the eyeliner can be reused and does not break easily. LANEIGE mink eyelash suit can be reused 20-25 times!

Other eyelashes on the market, their raw materials have not been strictly processed, eyelashes look very hard, there is no tip. After wearing for a long time, the eyeliner is easily broken, and the mink eyelashes are missing.
LANEIGE eyelashes unique stereotyping technology, to ensure that mink eyelashes natural elegant eyelash shape. After soaking in dry water, eyelashes returned to normal.
Otherwise, mink eyelashes on the market look stiff, feel weedy, irregular, if repeatedly worn or immersed in water, eyelashes can not be restored to their original state.
LANEIGE eyelash workers are carefully selected after more than two years of experience. Careful, conscientious and patient is the basic quality of each of our workers. Unified training of workers ensures stable commodity quality and timely delivery! LANEIGE mink eyelash supplier can give you a very high reputation in a short time.
However, there is no uniform management training for workers who are used by suppliers in the market. Samples to customers are our good products. After the customer confirmed, they found some poor workers to do it. The uneven level of workers can neither guarantee the stability of the quality of bulk goods nor guarantee the delivery date. When the market demand is the largest, the customers can not get the goods in time.
LANEIGE eyelashes meet your difficulties is our difficulty, your success is our success, win-win business, mutual benefit, LANEIGE mink eyelashes supplier is willing to work with you to create a more brilliant enterprise!

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Why are high quality eyelashes selling better than low quality eyelashes?

Why are high quality eyelashes selling better than low quality eyelashes?

Nowadays, the problem with customers who wholesale mink eyelashes is that the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable. Give customers a good sample while the quality of large goods is uneven. The delivery period is unstable.When customers publicize the mink eyelashes after the guaranteed delivery date.But the delivery cannot be delivered on time and the customer is lost. Without the ability to update, the customer’s feelings about the style are always lagging behind, losing a lot of opportunities to make money in the market. You don’t update the eyelashes style in time. Once the new product appears in the market, your customer will soon be lost and turn to the others who have new products. The low-quality products don’t have innovative styles. They just make the lowest quality and pull the price down to compete.

Now that e-commerce is so popular,  everyone knows what is the good products and the bad products.The products that really make money are always quality products.

Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards. The beauty is the ultimate. what else does it paint if the beauty is not the ultimate, unnatural, and imperfect, ? Isn’t it better to not make up? This is the current deviation between vendors and consumers, which is the source of you loss your customers.

Consumers are looking for good quality eyelashes and are not afraid to spend money. What they really want is a high quality good. The middlemen only know  low prices, so that low prices with low quality will eventually collapse!

Dear customers,do you understand? There is a bias between the consumer and the middleman philosophy. The higher consumption consumers have.the bigger difference middlemen cannot keep up with.

When consumers say that the price is high, the middlemen do really think that the price is wrong. In fact, consumers are willing to bug good things.

The problem of eyelashes, especially eyelashes, is particularly serious, and the perception of the consumer and the middleman is biased.

If you are doing low-cos and low-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to do anything else all day long.The only thing you need to do is to set up a department to deal with goods returns and product quality complaints.Then it costs you a lot.


Given the expenditure of time,I suggest that you set up a department to handle complaints. You are troubled by these problems every day.  You will have no worries if you choose a right vendor.Focusing on the sales and you will achieve your goal. To overthrow the logic of the customer. It is not necessary to talk about the customer, but the customer will consider it when our logic must be correct,

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We are always treating our eyelashes by sincerely Heart!

We were very glad to receive your inquiry of 20mm 3D mink eyelashes25mm 3D mink eyelashes asked several pieces of each for samples first.

No problem, we are usually advising the customer to check the styles and quality of our lashes first. We believe that you are going to fall in love with our lashes when you have it. Because of our styles are always leading the popular design and trend. There are many buyers and customers sending the inquires to our company from all over the world every day.

So many buyers and customers want to have stock of them. We are making discussion with you and give our advices for you, hope you confirm the order quantity as soon as possible.

After several days discussion, you chose the loved styles of lashes and eyelashes packing boxes. And you asked us to make them delivery right now. Our sales coordinated production manager upon the orders in production schedule to get ready these samples for you. But you said that there was no enough money in your card, we should wait for some days. Okay, we waited the days, but you are never reply us from that days. What are you thinking about? If you don’t like them, no problem, just told us what you thought. Make us as a stronger and don’t mind our feeling of our sales.

LANEIGE LASHES are the best quality of lashes’ manufacturer and vendor, we are offering best service to the buyers and services by the sincerely heart, so hope you are feel free when you are collecting the lashes from our company. Any questions you meet, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We are friendly, sincerely and openly for all buyers and customers.

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Why are our 3D mink false eyelashes slightly different from each shipment?

Why are our 3D mink false eyelashes slightly different from each shipment?
Many customers feel that the quality of each batch of goods is very good and they like it, but each batch of goods looks slightly different. Many people do not understand, nor do they know how to explain to consumers.

You should know that the raw material of 3-D mink eyelashes is natural mink hair. Animal hair is spiritual, irregular in thickness and diameter, unlike chemical fibers, it is not fixed. At each design point of eyelashes, we require workers to place the quantity of hair we require, but even so, because each batch of hair is different in thickness, each batch of goods looks slightly thinner or slightly thinner. Slightly thicker. But the original design is the same, and the effect is the same. It is hoped that the middleman will understand this point, and that the middleman can give customers a good explanation.

LANEIGE 3D mink eyelashes belong to 100% pure handicraft products. It looks like a pair of small eyelashes. LANEIGE eyelashes need to go through more than 20 processes, each process should be fine. Each process affects the final effect of eyelashes. Our workers try their best to control the difference of eyelashes within the minimum range.
But pure handicraft products are slightly different each time, because the natural type of raw materials, products are pure manual, no pair of eyelashes is exactly the same, which is the charm of pure handicraft products!

Dear customers, the criterion for judging pure hand-made 3D eyelashes is, is the eyelashes symmetrical? Is the eyeliner comfortable? Is the shape elegant? Instead of comparing each pair of eyelashes, is it exactly the same? If the requirement is exactly the same, it is the requirement of mechanical products.
Art works, like our landscape paintings, face the same scenery, want to come up with exactly the same effect, is to shoot with a camera, print with a machine. The effect is the same.
But when painters are asked to paint, different painters face the same scenery with different effects.
Even if the same painter at different times, facing the same landscape, the effect of painting is different.
But aesthetic, thought is not the same, every painting is the best!

LANEIGE hand-made 3D mink eyelashes, natural raw materials, high-tech treatment of hair tip, select workers, LANEIGE 3D eyelashes is an advanced way of life, is a work of art, we want to be a boutique, not exactly the same product!

LANEIGE lashes make your beauty unique!

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Why are the eyelashes you sell to your customers required to be returned?

Why are the eyelashes you sell to your customers required to be returned?

Many people buy eyelashes only depend on the price of the product. In the age of internet, the price is very transparent. No one dares to pay high price unless the product is really worth it. To make high-end products requires belief. He knows the market positioning and he knows the trade-offs. Know which market should be abandoned and which market should be adhered to.

Because our products are elegant, of high quality and have good sales, many suppliers take pictures of our products to confirm to customers and offer customers low prices for orders, but the actual goods received and confirmed products are totally different, or some good, some poor, and the quality is not uniform.

The product is one price and one quality. The market reaction of different designer’s products is different. Good designer’s products always lead the market. He knows the final consumer’s consumption demand and how to bring different feelings to the final consumer.

A bad designer can only copy and imitate. We can’t make different products from the perspective of final consumers.

The products made by workers at different levels are totally different. The workers’understanding of the concept of designers and the workers’ understanding of the beauty of products are different. Good workers in every process can directly grasp the concept of designers, every process can be perfect!

A bad worker is just a rough sketch, not serious. The products are also rough.

The goods made are not selling well, the products made by workers are rough and ugly. You can’t bring beauty with them, but bring discomfort or even ugliness. What you face is that consumers keep returning goods.

In the age of internet, there is no reason for us to give you a high price. In the same product quality, our price is the best! We just want to bring you more business opportunities, just want you to bring the most beautiful eyelashes at the first time!

Win-win cooperation can last!

3D Mink Lashes

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Why keep designing new styles?

Why keep designing new styles?

It’s normal for people to like the new and hate the old.

Innovation can bring more business opportunities!

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have met the basic living standards and began to pursue spiritual satisfaction. We should have faith, learn more, constantly improve ourselves, keep up with the trend of the times, make up, and give ourselves self-confidence and full of spirit to face work and life in this fiercely competitive society!

But like the new and hate the old is the normal human nature, constantly changing style will bring their own different mood, constantly changing style will attract more people’s attention, thus happier to work and life!

Based on this, we not only pursue the natural lifelike effect of eyelashes, but also constantly innovate the eyelashes style, or natural, or sexy, or exaggerated, or smart. Let consumers always stand in the forefront of fashion, the first time to experience the latest products! Let consumers always stand at the forefront of fashion to show themselves!

Continuously design new styles to meet the needs of each consumer in different occasions. Meeting, party, stage, lecture, walking on the red carpet.. Different occasions need to match different clothes, different makeup, also need different styles of eyelashes to match.

Consumers like fresh, like to try new things at the first time, constantly design new styles, give consumers a different experience at the first time, winners in the Internet era eat all, the first time to get new models can be launched on the Internet, to bring more collections for customer websites, forwarders, sharers.

We hope that we are the most reliable design department for our customers. Mink eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, 3D velvet eyelashes, 25mm mink eyelashes are all designed and developed by us. These all bring great business opportunities to our customers.

Imitation products are lagging behind, after-perception, it is only when the products become popular that they begin to imitate, which virtually loses too many business opportunities, even if the price is cheap, they can not cooperate!

Innovation is our core! Quality is our life!

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Why are our 3D Mink Lashes in short supply?

Why are our 3D Mink Lashes in short supply?

As the world’s largest manufacturer of mink eyelashes, LANEIGE Lashes. always leads the eyelash fashion in the eyelash industry!

We regularly introduce new products. Each of our products is a perfect product that is repeatedly designed, repeatedly tested, and repeatedly adjusted dozens or even hundreds of times before being introduced to the market!

Each 3D mink eyelashes has experienced more than 20 processes, from the selection of raw materials, high-tech processing of raw materials, design, production, on-line, glue modulation, shaping… each process is exquisitely crafted to make sure that every product that comes out is perfect!

LANEIGE  3D mink eyelashes will cause an sensation once it is introduced to the market. Our products are famous for their novel style and natural style.3D mink eyelashes are highly valued by web stars, which instantly leads the market

LANEIGE Mink Eyelash which is 100% handmade, the workers who are cultivated by our painstaking efforts put every eyelash on the design drawings, . Because of the handmade, the amount that comes out every day is limited. Therefore, our eyelashes are in short supply!

When the market demand is extremely strong, please be sure to give us enough time to prepare.The orders we receive and the delivery date we consult, will not allow to be urged.We will arrange all the things according to the order date.Once the workers are emotionally nervous, the products that come out are not perfect Because of the handmade, ! I hope you understand!

laneige lashes, adhering to your success is our success, the difficulties you encounter are our difficulties, we will try our best to create more business opportunities for you! We are collaborators, not competitors! We hope to be your strong backup force and work together with you to create a glorious company!

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Why hasn’t your eyelash business been successful?

Why hasn’t your eyelash business been successful?

Eyelash business threshold is low, need cost is small, no customs restrictions, express delivery is quite convenient, thousands of people pour into the industry every day, Alibaba also has many people open Alibaba website to start eyelash business every day.. Social platform also has many people start eyelash business.. So many people do eyelash business, but only a few do well, why do your eyelash business? Not successful? Dear customers, have you ever thought about it?

Blind doing things will only lead to disgrace and disgrace. Some people just see the eyelashes for 3 days. Others make money and make profits. They blindly choose to do eyelashes business. I thought I could make money if I got the goods. Because it’s not professional, I don’t know where to judge the good eyelashes, where bad eyelashes, which eyelashes can be chosen? Which eyelashes are not optional? Cheap goods are garbage goods manufactured by cheap workers. The quality of products is so poor that the market is not recognized, resulting in a large inventory.

Because they do not know about the suppliers, some suppliers in order to take orders, with good-looking market bestselling 3D eyelash picture to show customers, the price quoted is high, but the actual bulk goods received a completely different product, or the product quality is uneven, eyelashes are pure hand-made products, experienced workers in the market are very expensive, and can be sold, pure hand-made products into the market. With some characteristics of enterprises and individuals, 3D false eyelashes can not be imitated. This leads to the same picture that the middleman propagandizes, and the same picture that he actually receives, which leads to the loss of the reputation of the middleman. Lose the market!

Most middlemen have not engaged in eyelash business or transferred from other industries to make 3-D mink false eyelashes. Because they have not done this business, they do not know the market, consumer’s consumption mentality and consumption habits of 3-D mink false eyelashes. However, the supplier only considers the immediate interests, and can not give better advice to customers from the market level. Market strategy leads to the middleman. Businessmen can not communicate with the final consumers smoothly, consumers have problems, intermediaries can not make quick and correct decisions, give consumers a reasonable explanation, fast and effective solutions. This leads to the loss of market opportunities for intermediaries.

Some middlemen get good products, but do not know the final consumer’s consumption habits, so I can not live in the consumer demand point, because they do not know about the products, nor can they give consumers a better feeling. Thus miss the market opportunity.

Products and reputation in the eyes of consumers do not leave a good impression, get good products, and do not have the right sales ideas, your eyelash business is difficult to achieve!

Dear customers, nothing can be simple and successful, with a good product, a good platform, but also a good marketing strategy, suitable for product sales ideas, good suppliers who can help you solve the problem, work hard, our business can become bigger and bigger!

Qingdao LANEIGE LASHES Company, adhering to the “beauty of love, affecting others with love, acting with truth, touching the world with truth!”

Sincerity is the highest wisdom!” Idea, serve every customer with heart and soul!

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It is important to select right mink lashes

It is important to select right mink lashes

The Internet era has truly achieved business that is not difficult to do in the world. Everyone knows a lot of business platforms,such as INS, Website, FACEBOOK, LINKIN, ALIBABA…

The platform has been selected.There are many available manufacturers through the internet nowadays.So what kind of products do you choose? What kind of product suits for you?

What kind of products do you choose to do?


Firstly you should appreciate the product that you choose. If you are engaged in a career that is exactly your hobby, then congratulations, you are about to enter a journey of life! “appreciation and love” will make you immersed in your job infinitely, you will enjoy it, work tirelessly, you have confidence in the future, and the rule of attraction tells you what you believe, what you will get!


How to choose eyelashes when facing to so many vendors?


You could only go to the exhibition to find vendors when the network was underdeveloped In the past. At the time, the vendors of the exhibition were basically foreign trade companies. The manufacturers and foreign trade companies were independent. The foreign trade companies did not have the support of the physical enterprises. Under the profit temptation, the foreign trade company looked for cheap manufacturers to produce eyelashes after receiving orders. This seriously caused the buyers to see the samples that were different at the exhibition after receiving the big goods. There is no physical factory support, foreign trade companies can not control the delivery date.

Therefore, in the current Internet age, factories also have the ability to develop their own foreign trade department. It is recommended that buyers must choose a physical factory to cooperate!


How to distinguish whether they have real factories or not?


If you are at the exhibition, such as eyelashes,you have to check that do exhibitors bring enough goods? Instead they just take a few samples, all the rest of are only photos?

The eyelashes are expensive and the products are small. If the exhibitors have the ability to bring a variety of samples and many products, then you can choose him, he should have a factory.


On the Internet, everyone says that they are manufacturers, how to distinguish?

Everyone on the network says that they are manufacturers. Everyone can easily copy other people’s pictures and display them on their own networks. It is really difficult to identify them.


But the world always favors everyone who works hard, including Baidu and Google are rewarding people who is hard-working and insisting.Have you ever looked at his website?Does it make you feel sincere when they talk to you? Is there enough innovation ability? Do they have the strength to help you develop the market? Can they help you solve the problems in the process of selling goods?


Is his delivery time fast enough? The most important thing is not to worry about placing orders, especially big list.You should check whether his cargo quality and delivery time are stable? Take the test slowly. Believe in your own feelings, our sincerity can impress anyone!


Why do we choose eyelashes?


Eyelashes are daily consumables, and everyone has to use them. The market potential is huge.


Eyelashes belong to cosmetics, which belongs to the economics of lipstick. The more depressed the economy, the bigger the market.It won’t be affected by the market economy.


Eyelashes are small and easy to transport.General express can deliver to your place.It doesn’t be impacted by national economic policies.

Making eyelashes with your heart under great maket potential will change your destiny!

Once you choose the right product ,you can be at ease to do it, take out your passion, and work hard to achieve your dream!