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  1. Hi my name is Kimberly I’m interested in spending atleast 500$ with 10 or more different 3d mink lash styles with the custom eyelash packaging boxes,I just recently opened a beauty supply store and interested in your help I have my bussiness license and And Vein number if you need it please respond thank you !

  2. Hi I am interested in starting my own beauty brand and would like to see the styles for your 3d mink eyelashes as well as the 25mm mink eyelashes. Also, I am interested in seeing your eyelash packaging box options so that I can customize them to have my logo design on it, as well as any eyelash tools that you have (eyelash applicator, glue, etc.). Do you provide samples to be shipped to the US?

    1. Dear, I am very glad to receive your message. You can add my whatsapp+8617616026951 to learn more information and styles of eyelashes. We have more than 144 customized eyelash packaging boxes for you to choose and learn more. Please contact me and I will give you the best help,

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