How To Brush The Mascara Right On The Eyelashes

How To Brush The Mascara Right On The Eyelashes

The eyelashes brush with the brush pipe bending, into 90 degrees vertical, easier to control brush with hand position, even if the place can be difficult to brush to paste! (like a fine hair near the corner of the eye) and then smear it several times in the upper and lower eyelashes.
Warm reminder: in the bend do not be too strong, or break the brush head on the card can not be taken out of the tube.
Wipe too much, so as not to caking. A new Mascara tank at the beginning with the easy to out too much, accidentally put too much, so before the first application, first put too abundant mascara on a paper towel wipe
Brush the “Z” word back and forth from the eye to the end of the mink eyelash. On average, the eyelash will fall off in a few minutes, and it will not be rolled up. The upper eyelashes should be hold, and the curls should have more layers on the roots of the eyelashes. The ends should be less or lighter. The lower eyelashes will be used to twist the Z word back and forth
The long waterproof mascara of the brush is more durable than the ordinary one. Waterproof formula can be hold to live a long day, but its shortcomings are very difficult to unload, the two kind try to choose the use of it again!

How is the color too shallow? Both sides of the eyelashes should be painted on both sides. If your mascara color is shallow, only one side is not possible, it should be brushed up and down both sides!
Vertical? Level? It is not clear, generally the horizontal brush is right, want to thicker and then vertical brush. The effect of vertical and horizontal brushes is very bad. Horizontal brush with brush will give you a whole beautiful eyelash. Ninety degrees with the top of the brush will enhance the root’s lightness and make the eyelashes look more natural.
How do the mascara dry again? Hot water to let the mascara do not block, also can make the mascara better. In fact, the mascara should be lost in three months. If it was not expired, put it in the hot water and put it into the cold.
Can Mascara be used as an eyeliner? Use the eyelash brush to dip some eyeliner, brush the eyelashes and draw the eye line along the eyes.
Let the eye stereoscopic strong method is on the end of the first layer of mascara, first coated with talcum powder to brush mascara, powder and talcum powder can absorb mascara, make eyelashes long and thick, and can produce the arrhizus clear beautiful effect

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