How Are Precious Mink Eyelashes Made?

How Are Precious Mink Eyelashes Made?

How are mink eyelashes made? Will it hurt small animals because of making mink eyelashes? This should be a concern for many people, so let’s take a look at the Lange mink eyelashes vendors. How do vendor make mink eyelashes?《how-to-choose-eyelash-style-when-you-just-started-the-eyelash-business/》

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First, the material of the eyelashes of mink

For the production of mink eyelashes, we use a special mink material, which comes from the tail of the mink, because only the tail can make the eyelashes beautifully curled through the physical production process when making eyelashes, making the eyelashes fluffy and light. Pretty

For the mink’s tail hair made of mink eyelashes, I believe many people will ask if it will abuse small animals. Here we will tell you that we will not do that. If the mink is dead, the mink will not look like Fluffy and shiny like black. And, if we can’t choose mink anymore.
So we wo n’t do that. All the mink hairs are collected by us after the mink naturally detached, and then we make precious eyelashes.

mink false eyelashesmink false eyelashes

Second, the production process of mink eyelashes

After the eyelashes are collected, we will start making mink eyelashes. It takes many steps to make a real mink eyelash.

1. Put Mink Eyelashes Correctly

After the collected mink hair is sterilized, etc., the mink hair is placed in an orderly manner, and each mink hair must have the same spacing. Our skilled workers will place them one by one to lay a good job for our future work. basis

Handmade Human Hair EyelashHandmade Mink Eyelash

2. Make eyelashes according to different styles and different lengths

Different styles, different numbers of mink hairs, different designs through design, and various styles are designed to meet the needs of customers in the market. Our eyelashes are 16MM, 20MM, 22MM, 25MM. Welcome, if you are interested please contact us

mink eyelashesmink eyelashes

3. Use physical methods to create curls for eyelashes

A scientific production process will protect the mink and maintain its original appearance. In fact, most eyelash suppliers choose chemical processes to create 3D effects. That will not be a healthy method, it will also hurt mink. Our eyelashes are beautifully curled because we use physical methods to make them, so the eyelashes will not deform for a long time, and the use of eyelashes will be long

Handmade 3D Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer 100%  handmade mink eyelashes wholesale

We insist on developing and researching the best mink eyelashes in order to provide our distributors and customers with the best eyelashes.

Warmly welcome you to join us, cooperate with Emma Lashes, the best mink eyelash street vendor, we will bring you more beautiful and unique eyelashes.

Bring real 100% mink false eyelashes all over the world, and bring healthy green eyelashes to customers to create a beautiful world.
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