How to check the lashes as luxurious mink eyelashes?

How to check the lashes as luxurious mink eyelashes?

Therefore, if you are told that the eyelashes you want to purchase are luxury mink eyelashes, you should first observe whether the mink fur is sharpened or broken.

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luxury 3d mink lashes wholesale

luxury 3d mink lashes wholesale

The second method is to check the frequency band.

The strap is made of soft cotton. It is very soft and can be felt with your fingers. It is also very delicate and soft. The shape of the strap fits your eyes very well and can be easily applied to them. Bad eyelashes do not have this shape.In addition, if you choose low-quality eyelashes, you should check the eyelash tape, our eyelash tape is transparent, without any irritation, and will never easily drop your eyelashes and eyes.wholesale mink lashes vendors

wholesale mink lashes vendors

Because we always use the best mink eyelashes and the best eyelash band glue, and we use all the best materials, and the cost of luxury eyelashes is much cheaper than ordinary eyelashes, so our eyelash vendors favor girls Provide competitive wholesale prices for our eyelashes and our design philosophy.Everything we do, we provide you with the best eyelashes and service, we use our soul and smart hands to make mink skins.

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eyelash wholesale vendors

Our wholesale eyelashes are all made by our folk artists, they spend too much time to produce beautiful luxury mink eyelashes wholesale. When you come to China, a warm welcome to our factory, you will see the real luxurious eyelashes in the world.

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