How To Choose A Best-Selling Eyelash Style?

How To Choose A Best-Selling Eyelash Style?

real mink lashesreal mink lashes

Many girls buy mink eyelashes from their mink eyelash vendors and just choose the style you like. When you order the wrong 3D mink eyelashes, you will waste your money or spend a long time to recover your money. How should I choose a best-selling eyelash style to quickly achieve success in the eyelash business?


First, choose high-quality mink eyelashes

Therefore, before ordering eyelash wholesale, you should know which style is the best-selling or popular style on the market. You need to know which eyelashes you want to buy. Do you want to buy mink eyelashes? Or silk eyelashes, fiber false eyelashes or artificial mink false eyelashes? no doubt. Mink eyelashes are the best-selling eyelash style. More and more people want to choose mink eyelashes because they are soft, vivid, gorgeous and most luxurious.
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Second, choose purely handmade mink eyelashes

As you know, most eyelashes are machine-made. Because eyelashes are cheap and easy to finish. But when you put on eyelashes, you will find that machine-made eyelashes lose their soul and are not as gorgeous and fluffy as handmade mink eyelashes.
So if you sell eyelashes for a low price to attract customers, you will eventually lose them. Because low-quality eyelashes are prone to problems, such as hair loss, cannot be washed, and poor quality, you will also lose the business scope of mink eyelashes.

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Third. Choose 20mm and 25MM Mink Eyelashes

25MM 3D mink eyelashes are very popular in 2019. And this long dramatic eyelash is still very popular in the market, it has a long time of drama and gorgeousness.
However, you should also pay attention to 20mm mink eyelashes for 2020. More and more people want to choose the perfect length to show their personality rather than natural and dramatic. Therefore, you should order more 20MM 3D mink wholesale this year to seize the opportunity to open your market. 20MM and 25MM are the best-selling eyelash lengths after our market research and experience. If you need, please contact us, we can help you better

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Fourth. Understand your market

You should fully understand your market and what styles are the best sellers, so that you can quickly get the eyelash market and understand what styles your customers like, so you can attract more customers

Fifth, choose a good eyelash manufacturer.

A good eyelash supplier will give you the best 3d mink eyelashes on the market, and the best luxury mink eyelashes are your advertisements on the market, and high-quality mink eyelashes will bring you Increasingly customized and 3d mink eyelashes wholesale earnings business line.Similarly, when new popular styles hit the market, your mink eyelash seller can tell you the first time. You will occupy the market immediately.

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