How to choose a quality eyelash supplier is very important to your eyelash business?

How to choose a quality eyelash supplier is very important to your eyelash business?

How to choose a quality eyelash vendors is very important to your eyelash business? We will help you gradually develop your eyelash business. We understand that there are three main types of wholesale mink lashes vendors in the market.Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors Market Trend

wholesale mink lashes vendors

The first is a trading company, which provides you with wholesale services.

Due to the low minimum order quantity, it is suitable for products that are new to beauty bloggers, students, home entrepreneurs, makeup artists and individual entrepreneurs.

Mink Lash Vendor Wholesale.

3d mink lashes wholesale

The second category is eyelash factories.

The minimum order quantity setting of general factories will be relatively high, but the price is very low. This is very suitable for large wholesale mink lash vendors and enterprises with large purchases.Long Mink Eyelashes

wholesale mink lash vendors

The third is a very high-end supplier

Like Sisley Lashes, it has its own trading and sales department in the production plant. Our minimum order quantity is very low, even for customized eyelashes, the minimum order quantity is only 200 pairs.We can not only help beauty and makeup lovers to start their eyelash business, but also provide competitive prices for large buyers. Since we have a large inventory, we can usually deliver products immediately.Wholesale Lashes paper box. Vendor

wholesale lashes and packaging

Because this operation requires the efforts of a strong service team. For general traders and factories, it is difficult to achieve both, because their target customers are very clear. We can help individuals and small and medium-sized companies because our eyelashes are very competitive in the market and girls like them very much.

25mm mink lashes wholesale 5D Eyelash vendors

3d mink eyelashes wholesale

As long as they wear our 3d mink eyelashes wholesale once, customers will feel the difference in our products, and they will never buy other eyelashes in the future. Therefore, our partners can quickly occupy the market and become strong.


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