How to Choose High Quality Wholesale Vendor of Mink Eyelashes

How to Choose High Quality Wholesale Vendor of Mink Eyelashes
At present, there are all kinds of false eyelashes in the market, and the eyelashes quality is uneven. Especially, the distributor should choose a high-quality mink eyelashes supplier. The quality of products not only determines whether the distributor can occupy a certain market share, but also whether the distributor can have high-quality eyelashes. Lead the market development.

In view of the fact that there are many inferior products on the market at present, the following are some suggestions for dealers.

1. Identify an excellent supplier.
See if he has the ability to regularly develop new products for distributors to help distributors lead the market.

2. Is the quality of the sample the same as that of the bulk goods?
Even if we are all hand-made, the difference will not be too big. What is more impossible is that there will be a product with several styles that can be found differently. This is not conducive to the sales of dealers, but also damage the reputation of dealers.

3. Quality of the product itself
First, is the right eye symmetrical? Second, is the hair number of the right eye the same? (If the hair of the left eye is too different from that of the right eye, one eye will appear and one eye will become smaller.) Third, is the eyelash line of eyelash soft? Only soft eyeliner can give users a better sense of comfort, and also conducive to sales.

4. Can we meet the needs of our customers?
Custom style should be delivered in time. Let customers sell in the market. Let market demand and consumers evaluate and test the quality and popularity of this style, and make timely adjustments.

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