How To Enhance Your Lash Business

How To Enhance Your Lash Business


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Get the right supplier :

You need an experienced supplier who has been in business for a long time who will not give you wrong orders.

When dealing with an experienced supplier , unncessary cost like returns cost will be avoided.

Having any experienced will help you gain more knowledge about lash business.

You will also need a suppler who is legit and can supply you with lashes as soon as possible everytime you order.

Laneigelashes lashes  both experienced and legit.

Learn more about lashes

Continue to learn more about lashes untill you are able recognise best quality by just seeing vedios and pictures.

This will save you the cost of sample shipping .

Learn also about the trendings styles so that you can always provide the best choices to your customers.

Know your customers

You must know the type of customers you have and their preferrence.

Are your customers more concerned about price or quality? Will your customers prefer high quality longlasting lashes with a little higher price or poor quality, cheap,  short lived lashes that are easly worn out.

Most oftenly customers require high quality lashes that will not cause any embarrasement when they wear them.

Our lashes are affordable even though they are of high quality.

Know how to order and pay

Ordering is more than just stating the the what you want and paying the cost. When ordering you must know the quantity that will reduce your shipping cost per unit.

The cost of shipping to America is $25/parcel with the capacity of 50 eyelashes or 30 eyelashes with eyelash packaging case/boxes. When you order 10 pcs the cost is still $25 so it means the cost per unit is now higher.

Control your lash stock

For a successful lash business you need mantain favourable amounts of stock. You do not need to be out of stock when you have more orders from your customers. Stock shortages can drive your customers to other suppliers which can make you to lose customers loyalt and lose sales in future.



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