How to stick a star like perfect false eyelash?

How to stick a star like perfect false eyelash?

False eyelash wears not pretty, that is to have not chosen good design certainly, the eye is uncomfortable (which is you did not wear good), always worry about to fall off (glue chooses not quite professional) so the eyelash that I introduce next, all be Spanish mink hair is made, wear so rise won’t feel eye department has unwell feeling, also lighter.

[mink eyelashes]

1.16mm mink eyelash 

Eyelashes are the natural length, and after the upper eye is the natural naked makeup effect, which is very beautiful.

2.22mm mink eyelash 

22mm and meticulous, eyelash rod is also very natural

3.25mm mink eyelash

Fan bushy eyelash effect, eye tail lengthening style. Wear after the absolute change big – eyed sister. The 25mm mink lash is a crossover shock, which makes it look like a cute girl with fluffy eyes

【 mink lashes tool】

1. The glue:

Our glue can keep jumping up and down all day without opening the glue. The inside is a small brush style, which is easy to apply on the eyelash stem. After about 15 seconds of application, we can stick false eyelashes to the eyelashes when we see the glue change from white to a little transparent. And our glue doesn’t contain alcohol,


We are specialized in false eyelash tweezers, which are very close to the eye shape, easy to attach eyelashes, easy to operate,



With our eyelashes you will be able to harvest charming eyes, create electric eyes, our eyelashes with our eyelash tool, will be able to paste a perfect star makeup,


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