The Latest Custom Three-Pack Of Eyelashes

The Latest Custom Three-Pack Of Eyelashes

Three pairs of lashes. You can put three different pairs of lashes in one at a time. In this way, customers can get three pairs of eyelashes at the time of purchase. For products that like makeup and beauty, it is a best gift to your best friends. Your friends can receive three pairs of eyelashes at once. This will be the best gift for your friends, so a three-pack of eyelashes is especially important.Laneige Eyelashes is a professional three-pair eyelash packaging vendors, welcome to contact us!!

customize your own eyelash boxcustomize your own eyelash box

Now we have 9 sets of 3 pairs of eyelashes, and we can customize custom eyelash box packaging and print the logo on the box. The minimum order quantity for printing the logo is only 10 pieces. 10 pieces of 3 pairs of eyelashes can be filled with 30 For eyelashes, you can also sell mink eyelashes very quickly. If you sell a box of three pairs, you can sell three pairs of eyelashes. This can increase the sales of eyelashes and thus achieve high profits.

wholesale eyelash packagingwholesale eyelash packaging

Our three-pack of eyelashes has different styles and can also design exclusive logos for you. Tell us what you think. We have professional designers who can design and realize your ideas. If you want to achieve, please contact us, we will provide you with the help you need most

custom eyelash box packagingcustom eyelash box packaging

private label eyelash boxesprivate label eyelash boxes

private label custom eyelash packagingprivate label custom eyelash packaging

If you want to know more about the three pairs of eyelash packaging, please contact us!!!

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