What Is The Best-Selling Custom Eyelash Packaging?

What Is The Best-Selling Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Too many girls buy mink eyelashes from their mink eyelash supplier, but the choice of eyelash packaging is not good enough. Now eyelash packaging is also a key factor for the success of mink eyelash business. The best-selling eyelash packaging is a favorite of many people.

custom eyelashes case

Today we recommend you two special best selling eyelash case

The first is our round acrylic packaging box.

This packaging box is in the shape of a masonry cut surface. It is very beautiful and can choose different bottom card colors. Customers who order it say that it is cute and it can be customized. logo, but the logo sticker is also very nice

Most popular eyelash casecheap custom eyelash boxes

The second is a rectangular transparent box
The rectangular acrylic eyelash packaging box can also choose different bottom card colors, and the rectangular packaging box can print logos and make logo stickers. This box is transparent because you can see the eyelashes clearly, so many people like this transparent Eyelash packaging. And also can choose a variety of colors, can make a variety of matching eyelash packaging colors, which can be more beneficial to customers’ choice

custom eyelash casecustom eyelash case

The following is the best-selling eyelash packaging customized by our other customers. They are all very beautiful. After watching our display, you also want to. You can contact us and we will customize such best-selling eyelashes. What color do you want, we can customize what color for you, if you want to know more, please contact us

wholesale eyelash packagingwholesale eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging boxeyelash packaging box

diy eyelash packagingdiy eyelash packaging

You heart it? For such beautiful and best-selling packages, we also have many designs, please contact us for more information

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