What should I do when started eyelash business?

What should I do when started eyelash business?

1. To choose the best-selling eyelash style

The best-selling eyelash style is based on market research. It can quickly attract customers and open your own eyelash brand market. This is very important for you who are just starting your eyelash business. Good products, best-selling products are the key to the success of your eyelash business. So if you want to start your eyelash business, you have to choose the best-selling eyelash style.

How do you choose?

What is the best-selling eyelash style?

Let ’s take Laneige lashes as an example.

Laneige lashes has 16mm, 2omm, 22mm, 25mm, of which 16mm is the best-selling eyelash length, the best-selling style in 16mm is DC09,102,104,22,18,07。At the starting of the eyelash business, you can choose two pairs of each style, so that there will be no inventory, and you are worried that you will not be able to sell it.

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2. Choose good packaging

Beautiful packaging can add luster to high-quality eyelashes and improve the competitiveness of eyelash products, such as the following eyelash packaging





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