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Handmade products are becoming more and more popular, so use lipstick tubes to create the perfect DIY gift! These plastic tubes provide a small lid and bottom twist and are perfect for combining with your favorite lip balm and ointment. Pour in the scented colorful balsam, let it stand, and add funny stickers on the outside to get close to your good friends!We can also print the pattern, logo, and brand name you want on the lip gloss tube, which is easier to store and not easy to wipe off than the sticker attached to the lip gloss tube

Custom Lip Gloss Tube Catalog

Custom Lip Gloss Tube Catalog

The Advantages Of Choosing Our Lip Gloss Tube

💄Easy to fill]: Our transparent lip gloss tube comes with 2 large funnels, which can help you easily inject lip gloss or other liquid into the tube. It quickly distributes the gloss and prevents the lip gloss from being poured into the lip gloss quickly and causing it to flow out. Prevent the cosmetic container and sink from getting dirty.
💄Lightweight high quality material]: Our lip gloss tube is made of AS and ABS, no odor, no BPA. The transparent bottle perfectly shows the color of the lip gloss. The lip brush is made of soft flocking material to help you redden your lips evenly and comfortably.
💄Waterproof & Portable]: Each lip gloss tube is equipped with a rubber plug to prevent air from entering and preventing lip gloss from leaking. You can take it with you when you go out.
💄Very suitable for your lip gloss business]: This lip gloss tube is suitable for keeping various colors of lip gloss. Fashionable, simple and generous. For those who make their own lip gloss or start a lip gloss business, our lip gloss tube will be a good choice.

cute lip gloss containers wholesale

cute lip gloss containers wholesale

Proper volume

The volume of our lip gloss tube is 5ml, which is enough for daily use. The size is 4.33 * 0.63 inches, this size allows you to put the lip gloss tube in your bag and carry it easily.Dear, please contact us if you are interested, we have professional staff to provide you with quality service

Specification: LT01/LT01/LT03-18g/piece,



LT13/LT14/LT15/LT16/LT17-22g/ Support.