Why can Laneige Lashes receive more than 100 orders a day?

Why can Laneige Lashes receive more than 100 orders a day?
I have many clients who say to me, “I just started eyelash business. What should I do?”
It’s easy to start your own eyelash business, but it’s not easy to make your eyelash business successful.

We have hundreds of orders every day, so what should we do?
First, Laneige Lashes is a mink manufacturer and distributor. We have our own factories and workers.
We have an advantage in price. We can guarantee the quality of our products. We always choose the best mink eyelashes as raw materials. Once we find that our eyelashes are bad, we throw them away. Immediately, it will not be sold to our customers.

Secondly, we have a lot of stock, delivery speed is very fast, we will send you eyelashes in 48 hours.

Thirdly, we also produce customized eyelash boxes. The minimum order is very low. MOQ only 30!!!!
Other eyelash suppliers, who can do it?

Finally, we have good after-sales service.

Many customers say that I’m looking for cheap eyelashes, your mink eyelashes are too expensive, one price, one goods.
Cheap eyelashes are of poor quality, and you will lose your customers, and they do not have good after-sales service. Their principle is to deceive customers and then deceive other customers.
So, every beautiful girl, do you know how to do your eyelash business?

Laneige Lashes, want to think of customers, urgent customers, Laneige Lashes, professional production of high-end eyelashes!


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