Why Choose Laneige Lashes Instead Of A Lower Price Vendors?

Why Choose Laneige Lashes Instead Of A Lower Price Vendors?

In our daily conversations with customers, we have met many customers who said that your product is too expensive. At the same time, other suppliers have offered cheaper prices, and they have to buy from other suppliers. Later, I came to us to place an order again, saying that the cheap products I bought from other suppliers had been thrown away. Because the printing effect of the product is too bad, it cannot be used, so I can only purchase it again. This doubles the cost of the product.

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So here we introduce to you why you should choose us instead of a lower-priced supplier, so that eyelash sellers can get the most profit and the least cost loss.

create your own eyelash packaging

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

First of all, Laneige lashes is a professional mink eyelash supplier. Our eyelashes use the most precious Siberian mink eyelashes and are made by our most skilled workers, and the eyelashes are made into elegant, lightweight and soft mink by physical means. eyelash. Similarly, our eyelashes are professionally designed by designers based on market trends and trends. For example, our 3 mink eyelashes, 6d mink eyelashes, 7d mink eyelashes and other styles.


wholesale mink lashes and packaging

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Secondly, our eyelash packaging box can be customized, and the logo and brand name can be printed on it. And all our printed packages are printed by 3D technology. We have quality assurance.

#custom eyelash packaging usa

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

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