Why Choose Laneigelashes As Your Vendor

     Why Choose Laneigelashes To Be Your Vendor ?

  • Best Quality Raw Material

Laneigelashes use young mink fur to make lashes. We get the furs during the season when they fall naturally therefore the process is cruety free. We use gloss and long fur from the tail. Our lashes are free from chemical processing and dying.


  • Exellent craftsmanship

Our lashes are handcrafted by experienced craftsman who works hard to bring beauty to the lash world.


  • Customer service

As Laneige company we love and value our customers therefore we do not want them to be left with any unanswered question. We always want our customers to feel free and happy when buying from us. We understand that some of our customers might want to start their own brand but have a little knowledge about lash business. We are always ready to assist such customers in any way they might need. We are always ready to answer our customers patiently and honestly.

  • Variety To Choose From                                                                                                                                                      

Our company supplies a lot of different beautiful styles to cater for different tastes. Our team works tirelessly to keep up with the trending styles. We always offer our customers the hotsale styles in the market.

  • Fast Delivery

Soon after concluding our the contract with customers, our efficient team start to work towards delivereing the order in time. We know that fast delivery makes our customers happy. We deliver orders through FEDEX, UPS and DHL.

DHL Fedex UPS Courier Mink Lashes For You

  • After Sales Service

Our professional after sales service team are there to assist in any problems or questions that might occur after the delivery

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