Why is our custom eyelash box MOQ only 30 pieces?

Why is our custom eyelash box MOQ only 30 pieces?
Generally speaking, the minimum order quantity of customized eyelash box is 100 pieces and 500 pieces.
But Laneige Lashes customized packaging boxes have a minimum order of only 30 pieces!!!

Why is our MOQ so low?
First of all, Laneige Lashes has its own packing box factory. Other suppliers do not have their own factory. They cooperate with other factories, so their prices are high and their minimum orders are high.
Secondly, our boxes are small in profit, fast in turnover.
Third, we need to meet the needs of different customer groups, large customer demand, can order more than 100 pieces, but most of them are just beginning to do eyelash business customers, can not order more than 100 pieces, so they can order 30 pieces first, with the development of eyelash business, they will order more mink eyelashes and more packaging boxes.
In addition, our production time is only 3 working days!!!! Wow, it’s too fast!!!! Delivery time is 3 days, you will receive your packing box in a week!!!! It’s amazing!!!!
Laneige Lashes is always at your service


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