Why You Need Your Customised Lash Box

Why You Need Customized Lash Box


  • Customization  of your lash box lead to easy identification of your lashes thereby creating customer loyalt. Your customers can easly recognize your lashes and recommend to others.
  • You can write your contact deatails for example emmail adress, instagram account, facebook details and many other importent details for your customers to contact you.
  • Your lashes will be made according to your own specifications and personal preference therefore it will be outstanding and unique. Your customized lash box enables you to standout from your competitors.


  • Customization of lashes box makes them attractive and eye catching. This helps when marketing your lashes because most of the ladies around the world love stylish and colorful things.
  • Laneigelashes can solve your lashbox customization problem. We have designed uncountable number of lashbox for our customers. All you need to do is send to your logo, eyelash brand information and your desired style and we can make it for you.


If you do not have a logo yet , Our experienced designer will assist you in designing your dream logo free of charge.

You dont need large capital to create your own logo, our MOQ is only 30 boxes.

Within few days your customized lashbox will be designed, made and delivered to you in best quality.

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